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Bring yourself, meet our women to speak in a safe space and grow within this wide society of working and leading women.

Organization Statements


SHER Vision: For all women to find equality, sisterhood and empowerment throughout their friendships, family and workplace experiences.

SHER Mission: To gather and exchange our personal and professional histories and share, ask and answer our hopes, challenges and wins for all things SHE and HER.

We are a Movement

SHER is for All

-The definitions of Woman; in most ancient languages it means courageous, Lioness, Tigress and every positive affirmation of the power of female energy to nurture, support and share our larger truths, lives and desires with each other. A platform for our triumphs, stories and needs; a place to come together and celebrate our family of unique perspectives.

Sisterhood of Empowerment

Our Purpose

We gather in celebration of focused determination in the face of every challenge.

Sher is a sisterhood of support; a community of extraordinary women who — like all women — have overcome many challenges and obstacles to survive, while acknowledging successes in thriving toward a better world.

Sisters of Resilience

We gather to tell our stories in transforming ourselves; share our experiences to transcend them; to use our stories to make a difference in our world; to broaden our perspective and see further than usual; to heal, to inspire, to act beyond each story that may have imprisoned or enslaved us;
"The more we speak our truth and share our mess and let it be seen. The more it leads to more intimacy, depth and meaning. And what better place than an intrepid sisterhood to celebrate the beautiful chaos of life?


Local & International

We have New York and Virtual online meetings, with visitors and speakers from all walks of life.

Cooperative Comms

Come for the event, stay for the many here to commune; join those who found connection.

Community Support

Display your passions, affiliations and interests with your SHER women and give back with yours.

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SHER Video

Watch previous meetings, speeches and groups that have contribute to the SHER network.

Endlessly Possible

From your first meeting, you can come and grow without limit, based on your attention.

Women & Men

With our commitment to and commits to #HEFORSHE, we show our pan-gender support.

Women Entrepreneurs Series

We are a Movement

SHER welcomes women from all walks of life, faith, education, industry, family and country. We firmly encourage members to participate and involve themselves at the best level of their ability; ask to answer where you feel you belong.

Our commitment: We are an event-based organization of learning, as we channel the experience and feelings shared through our events into small foundations of a movement and group, to celebrate our diverse Her-story and the wonder we share while meeting new friends. We come together in support of greater causes that we recognize as being underrepresented.

Maya Angelou would say, “There is no agony like burying an untold story inside of you”

Minutes of SHER
Questions Asked
Intros Made
Stories Shared

Women Who Care

Introspective communication guides who may ask and share life stories in empowerment of each other.

Event-Based and Online

We celebrate one another IRL through in-person, virtual, and telecommunities.

A Gathering

We come to give and receive, we offer what we have to grow.

Build Friendships

Come for the group, make lasting relations as spiritual growth benefits your life in work.

Share your Passion

Let others know what drives you and the story that makes your journey unique.

Mutual Opportunities

An endless potential to engage with a spectrum of minds and forge a mutual benefit.

Day & Night Access

Learn when and where SHER women are meeting near you.

West & East Coasts

As we break from our virtual SHER's, join your local Sher gathering.

Online Calendar

Easy access to our schedule of events & sponsors / partners on the web.

Our Objective

is toward Women’s Connection, Collaboration, Mentorship, Communication and Growth. Give yourself the power of a greater circle, being confident there's someone to address your specific concerns or questions without hesitation; providing insight and support.

The future is our engine of progress; for women, minorities and the marginalized to gain in leaps and bounds as wisdom and public involvement pressure the status quo to recognize the over 50% of all humans are disadvantaged. In that uncertain future progress will be the greatest, move forward each cause to their maximum, when it sources its drive with communicating the entire female breath and depth of experience; when we join forces as equals in opportunity as talented, creative and unique expressive ideas of women and girls —heard and shared while defining and respecting our infinite female culture.

Please view Press and Photos from previous SHER events HERE

Sher App for Mobile Devices.

Soon SHER will be able to go with you everywhere! We are keen to develop our meetings and web presence by extending the SHER experience to those not in our key cities. To be able to SHER when you can't come to the events, check back soon for the Beta of the SHER App.

If you or any SHER women you know want to participate in our new growth strategies, please feel free to refer candidates to our email / site for their involvement.

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What SHER Women Say?

Customer Testimonails

If you've been to "women's groups" before, you may not be ready for the upbeat, outright fun that a SHER event brings to 'let loose' and encounter a free space with dynamic women.

Mary New York City
Customer Testimonails

Even as I agreed to go, my concern was this would be 'ladies who lunch' and I may not fit in; after 15 minutes of learning, laughing, sharing and meeting other professional women I've enjoyed the addition to my personal and professional circles.

Donna Greenwich
Customer Testimonails

Invited by a good friend, I had no idea we would be getting such a rich educational, formative perspective by C-level speakers and supportive business women - and they were solid. I am thankful to have found this group!

Liz N. Caldwell

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Anzhelika Steen Olsen

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Regina Heyward


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